Kindness @ Work

kindness @ Work

Kindness @ Work

We are increasingly talking about wellbeing in the workplace, and bringing an authentic quality to our work, being gentle with ourselves, and with others around us.
Acts of kindness within a real-life working environment shows how kindness really does create a positive ripple that affects the whole workplace culture. Generosity and kindness propagates and spreads, and it has a huge impact on the overall positivity in the workplace, and on the employees’ sense of wellbeing. Doing good feeling good !

Be a Buddy Bench Warrior !

We have two strands of fundraising ideas for the workplace:

Kindness @ Work I Where your colleagues wear blue for a day and then donate a sum of their choice, please see poster to download. All monies received go towards a school that is struggling for various reasons.

Kindness @ Work II You choose a local school and raise funds in exactly the same way. 
It all depends on your timeframe and energy. Whichever you decide we are extremely grateful for your support. If you need any more information we are here to help.

Wear Something Blue: It’s your choice – jeans, jumper, club or county colours; wear a blue scarf, wear a blue bungee in your hair, you could even paint your face blue! Be a Buddy Bench Warrior!

Donate: All money raised goes towards to a Buddy Bench made with TLC by the Men’s Shed and the Buddy Bench “ItsCool2BKind” Program for a school, promoting friendship, kindness and emotional wellbeing for all. Doing good is feeling good!

Sign your workplace up by emailing and get your Kindness @ Work CERTIFICATE