How to Manage Your Child’s Anxiety Webinar


Are you are a parent of a child aged 7 plus, this webinar is for you. You will get practical skills to help manage your child’s anxiety with additional downloadable resources you can use at home.

You will learn:

  • What is Anxiety?
  • Why Learn about Anxiety?
  • What is worry?
  • Understanding why your child’s worry and anxiety is a  good thing and not to be avoided.
  • Why children need to learn about managing anxiety.
  • Practical skills to help children control and manage anxiety.


Michelle O BrienMichelle is a fully qualified and accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  She established her private practice in 2014, where she is dedicated to providing professional, safe, accessible high-quality care to all her clients. Michelle’s main interest lies in early intervention, helping children before the problem arises. She believes it is imperative to lay a foundation of self-belief, good values, and self-worth in children. This led to her involvement with Buddy Bench Ireland, in which she has developed mental health well-being online programmes. These programmes teach the value of emotional intelligence to aid children to become kind, empathic adults in later life.
With the unprecedented arrival of Covid 19, and the closure of schools, the Buddy Bench Team looked to delivering their programme in a new way – helping parents and teachers to teach children these invaluable life lessons by ways of a parental online short course, parental webinars, and Children’s Mental Health CPD for teachers.


Join us on Monday evening March 29th at 7 pm for one hour with time for Q&As.

Hosted by

Michelle O’Brien BSc(Hons)Psych; H.Dip. Coun; MIACP

Registration is €20 which includes downloadable children’s resources for you to use at home.

Sorry but this Webinar is SOLD OUT, we will be hosting additional dates next month


3 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Child’s Anxiety Webinar”

  1. Hi my daughter is only 6 since Oct. she is mainly anxious about being alone. She can’t sleep alone or even go upstairs to get something on her own without feeling anxious. Otherwise she is very happy and sociable. We were due to start play therapy before lockdown. Would the webinar be of benefit for us?

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Hope your keeping well
    I was looking to do this for Alfie but he wont be 7 until u think i would still benefit from this? I send it to 2 of my friends and one has already signed up.

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