Help us stop, Isolation and Exclusion in the playground by educating children and fostering friendships, using a Buddy Bench as a visual tool.

Buddy Bench Ireland is a mental well-being initiative for primary school children. We   have developed an online  age appropriate Children's Mental Health programme for primary school teachers as a CPD to gain the skills to teach the programme to their students. 

The programme is designed to be used in conjunction with a Buddy Bench™, a colourful bench which is placed in a schoolyard.The idea is that if a child has no one to play with they can sit on the bench. During the programme, children are taught to come over and ask the child, ‘Are you OK?’ or ‘Do you want to play with me?’. The Buddy Benches are made by the school's local Men's Shed and you can find the information for your local Men's Shed  HERE

The online, on demand, evidence informed lessons are designed to foster compassion in children and give them to the tools to communicate and understand their feelings. 

It is an eight module programme, the teachers can design a lesson plan for each week using the 100+ downloadable resources the topics include resilience, friendship, independent thinking, emotional intelligence, coping strategies, interpersonal and relationship skills, kindness and celebrating being unique, dealing with anger and coping skills for anxiety. 

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Proudly as a social enterprise we operate to meet a social need. Social enterprises generate profits that are reinvested back into the organisation to reach the beneficiaries, in our case, primary school children, rather than distributed among shareholders.

Buddy Bench Ireland

Meet the team


Sam Synott

After teaching adults and young people ICT skills for many years she discovered her passion for education and how it can bring about change in people’s lives. After her daughter was born, educational and the gift of, became even more important, she developed a great interest in social and emotional intelligence and that of children’s positive mindset.

A fully accredited member of IACP and a mum to three very wise daughters has expert knowledge of the importance of social and emotional learning for children. Michelle has her own psychotherapy practice where she experiences first hand the many problems our children face today. “Early Intervention is key to reaching children before the problems manifest themselves”.


Michelle O Brien


Brian Duffy

Digital Strategist and E-Learning Designer with a passion for immersive digital user experiences that delight learners. Passionate about education with 10 years experience delivering online courses to thousands of learners worldwide as well as teaching web design and multimedia in a real classroom with the CDETB and Ballsbridge College of Further Education. 

Our Mission

By teaching children as young as three years old, we aim to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health in Ireland; and change our culture for generations to come.

The Vision

Our vision is a future where each child is supported to thrive throughout their school years in a community that priorities their mental health. How?