Who are we?

Buddy Bench Ireland is an award winning not-for-profit that strengthens communities by educating primary school students on positive mental well-being with evidence-led lessons on topics such as kindness, resilience and emotional intelligence.




Primary Schools



Our Programme

We use age-appropriate lessons to foster compassion and resilience in children and give them to the tools to communicate and understand their feelings. 

Age 3 - 6 

Age 6 - 9 

Age 9 - 12

Through the use of storytelling, roleplaying, creative activities and a physical BuddyBench, this fully interactive programme allows each child gets to play a part. 


Since 2016 The Men’s Sheds have been making Buddy Benches for their local school in both North and South of Ireland. 

This special relationship reinforces the importance of friendship at any age and brings the entire community together for the special presentation day at school.

We've partnered with a leading organisations (Community Foundation of Ireland, KBC and ESB Ireland) to bring communities together and spread our important message of compassion, kindness and friendship.

A member of Mens Shed Tullow working on a bench of the local primary school

By teaching children as young as three years old, we aim to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health in Ireland; and in doing so, change our culture for generations to come.

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Our vision is a future where each child is supported to thrive throughout their school years in a community that priorities their mental health.


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